Shu's abode -- The home of a very uncute tomboy, as well as Highlander fanfiction writer.
Pyromaniacs lair -- Home of Chris Koo, not updated very often.
GameFaQs -- Just what the name says.
Utopia --  A cool online strategy game I've been playing lately.
Fishing Singapore -- Want to meet fishing buddies in Singapore? This is the site to go to.
Hunger Site -- Please click on this. It won't even take you a minute.
Girls of Thousand Arms -- Check this out. Pretty funny.

Ranchan & Co. Crossing Bridges -- A site with only Cross-overs on it.
Ammadeau's fanfiction
Donny's Anime Fanfic Archive 
Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive 

Tokimeki Memorial
Be a student of Kirameki High -- Want a taste of what Tokimeki is like? Check this site out!
Brian's Tokimeki page
The Shiori Fujisaki Shrine   
Doki Waku's Tokimeki Memorial 2 -- The VERY BEST Tokimeki Memorial 2 page! 

Sentimental Graffiti
Sentimental Graffiti Pictures -- Go here for lots of pictures of the SG characters.
Yuu Nanase Homepage   
Hitoshi Doi's Sentimental Graffiti -- Just what it says. Hitoshi's a very famous guy on the net.