I  wasn't exactly in my right frame of mind when I wrote this (but then am I ever in the right frame of mind?) so please excuse it's pathetic ness.
Arigato ~ Sining

Surrounded by gentle laughter,
I look up into the night sky.
The stars are muted, their fires dimmed.
As I stare, I wonder
Is there one for me?
To my left and to my right,
the echoes of people's soft whispers surround me
An emptiness fills my soul,
a darkness which consumes me
No stranger to loneliness,
I struggle to find an answer.

The pale moonlight greets me,
an old friend of mine.
It has no answer for me,
the question I've asked it so many times.
Is there someone out there,
who's staring at the moon and asking
my question.
Someone who thinks of moonlit dinners
and time spent together
Of eternity forever?