[Oh my...Ranma!?]
    My earliest series. I started this way back in  early 1998. For the people who have e-mailed me asking about this series, I still want to write it. The only problem is actually sitting down and writing it. But don't worry, I will finish it someday since I already have the end in mind...
Chapter 1 -- A certain goddess meets up with a certain martial artist named
             Ranma, and you just know trouble is on the horizon.

[All things Chaotic]
    My first and _ONLY_ Ranma/SM fanfiction. Co-authored by H-packrat, since I need some one who knows comedy better than me to co-author this fic. 

Prologue -- The world is changed and things will never be the same again.
            Meet Ranma Saotome, student of Happosai!
Chapter 1 -- The Wild Horse and the Rabbit. Ranma's first day at school and
             a daimon encounter! What else can happen?
Chapter 2 -- Date trouble! Oh no, Ranma gets invited on a date by several
             of the Senshi! Just what can go wrong on this date to end all

[A Demon's Destiny]
Okay, this series is officially dead. Any one who wants to take it over from me is welcome to do so. But please tell me first, okay? Arigato.

[A New Beginning]
A Breath of Fire based fiction. Notice I didn't say fanfic, because it doesn't use personalities from BoF II or III or even I. The names are the same.

[Ranma's birthday]
One of the better story I ever wrote. It's short and sweet, and it won third place in some monthly Ranma Fanfiction awards. Anyway, enjoy.


    Let's see... just a few words I have on Rand. Rand was my first attempt at an original series, and I tried my best to develop as best as possible, in both characters and storyline. I feel that I have succeeded slightly at it, since at the time I wrote Rand, I was but a novice at the art of writing. (In fact, I still am a novice) However, Rand's time has come and passed, and I'd like to thank the readers of Rand for contributing to the success of the story. But I am unsatisfied with the current plot of Rand, since I originally created it as a superhero comic kind of fic, so right now, I am re-working on Rand, and trying to give it a better plot that it deserves in my mind. I hope that you can please bear with me, and wait for Rand to come out again.

Something I wrote when I was bored. And lonely and depressed... Well, you get the idea.